Monday, July 23, 2007

No Reservations

"Sorry sir pero hindi po kami pwede magpaakyat sa taas hangga't hindi kumpleto..."

"Sorry sir pero baka hindi na po natin madugtungan yung mga tables mamaya kung wala pa mga yung mga kasama n'yo..."

"Luiness!!! Tarayan mo na nga 'tong mga 'to!!!"

WTF man... It's kinda irritating but what can we do? The place has been set as our venue and we can't move to another one as others might not be able to follow.

Yeah... our first anniversary as a class, a batch and as friends... Batch 5 Luzon...

Wow, from a high of 21 peeps committing that they'll attend... we were down to like 12-15 who went, drank a few bottles of beer, pigged out and laughed out loud the whole time...

It was so fun as even those who are not in Dell anymore attended the gathering too, as well as those peeps who dropped by and went to the office for their shift. =)

After a few hours, not to mention a truck-full of "kodakan" led by Loren, we decided to bounce and try another place. Hmmm... Why not Cafe Saguijo? I've been wanting to go there for some time now. Only 5 of us boys went there as some went on their own "2nd gimmick". The place was nice, not so many people but it's one heck of a rockin' night.

It's a common practice to get something hot, food I mean, after chugging down a lot of alcohol. We found ourselves eating mami and pares at the intersection of Dela Rosa and P. Tamo. Pwede na rin kesa wala.

I have a lot more things to say but nevermind, alam nyo naman kung ano nangyari pagkatapos. Ano pa? Eh di uwian na.

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Anonymous said...

Eh alam mo namang may radar ako pagdating sa camera eh!

Thanks to you, Mac, natuloy din ang reunion na yan. I had so much fun!! It was, after all, an EVENTFUL night..

I can't freakin wait to see ALL the pics!

Kelan ulit?!?!

- Loren

Denmark said...

your welcome, your highness of all camera queens.

mag-apply na lang kaya akong events coordinator, noh?