Sunday, July 29, 2007

Faith to Last a Lifetime - Part 2

Ladies and gentlemen... Funky Kingston by Toots and the Maytals...

Hey hey hey hey hey
I want you to believe every word I say
I want you to believe every thing I do
I said music is what I've got baby
And I've got to find some way to make it
Music is what I've got baby
I want you to come on and shake it
Shake it, shake it baby
Oh yeah
La la la... La la la...

Yeah baby. Miami Ink's theme song.

"Guess who's back in town?" - I think I sent this message to Yel and Loren. Hmmm... I'm not surprised they knew who right away.

Yeah baby, yeah. The Master's back!

After 2 months and 2 days to be exact, I'm ready for my next tattoo session. Butch, the great artist that he is, got back from a guest artist stint in Cotabato a week ago.

It's payback time! Hehehe...

We were scheduled for a 6pm appointment but got started rather late. But it's fine with me. It's just 3 hours of delay. No, I'm not blaming him. It's ok. Ako pa. =P Just check out the pic below, the reason why it took him time to start my tat.

Aheem. Unlike my first session, this one was way too different. In tagalog, nasa kondisyon ata 'to. I slept a lot. Drank lots of liquids. I was relaxed the whole time.

Can you believe it took us 3 hours and I'm still raring to go? And he's the one who asked me if we can stop. Hehehe. Sorry bro, I just followed your advice. =)

I really love the pain from the tattoo gun. I can't explain. The sensation it brings. Whew. Not to forget, my very symbolic tat is getting better and better, just like my faith.

Can't wait, AGAIN, for my next session!

The printouts for the guide - all original still...

A view from the top...

I've been waiting for this pare... As in...

Wow oh, St. Jude's got a new robe... =P

After 3 hours... 2nd session done!


Yoji - Checkin' out his artwork...

If you think it's a computer printout, think again.
Man + Color Pencils = Artwork

The reason behind the delay - a very detailed tatoo...

And about the song on the first part? Butch's own "Yoji" aka Rebo is doing tattoos already! Para talaga sila sina Ami and Yoji, the master beats the hell out of his apprentice. =)


Anonymous said...

Omg! Para ka nang nag-Pantene: paganda ng paganda!

Hmm.. mukhang hindi lang 1 pang session yan ah. Palagay ko mga 2 pa yan, baka 3 pa nga. Di ba noh, Butch? (Yes, close!)

Bakit walang picutre nung kausap moko sa phone?!

So, sinong nag-aliw sayo dahil wala ako? Kaninong kamay hinawakan mo? Namiss mo ko? :p

Denmark said...

Feeling ko nga 2 pa or 3. Kahit ilan, sarap eh.

Eh yung mga pic dyan, buti napadaan si Christian, kundi ala talaga akong pic.

Buti na lang nga't ala ako kasama na din, kundi namuti mata nyo kakaintay sa akin. =P

Anonymous said...

Ay talaga namang hihintayin kita... ikaw maghahatid sakin pauwi eh =P

- Loren

Denmark said...

Laking pasalamat ko talaga't hindi kita sinama. =P

Anonymous said...

Ah so ganyanan? >=(