Sunday, November 25, 2007

Play Ball! (Year-end Edition)

11:50 pm. Saturday night.

I stepped outside our house, looked up in the sky and asked myself...

"Is it gonna rain tomorrow? Kaya na ba ng katawan ko? Mom might kill me if I come home crawling in sickness..."

The sky sure looks OK, they said there would a super typhoon but good thing it didn't happen. My body feels better compared to how it was 3 days ago. Sige, bahala na si Batman. Baseball only happens twice in a year and before the year ends, it's gonna be this weekend only.

So I decided to tell my team captain that I'm fit to play the 1st game only of our scheduled double-header the next morning. I already told him earlier in the day that I won't be fit to play. Good thing I decided to come and join them coz we're short of members in the team. I said to myself, just wanna sweat it out after taking in all those prescriptions.

The Titans Series was announced around a month ago and a lot of peeps already said yes, but you know how things change so fast, the day came and those people disappeared like bubbles popping out in thin air.

So anyway, sa kasamaang-palad, we were still short of players during the 8:00am schedule so we decided to call it as a default - automatic one loss for us and just play a practice game with our official opponents, the Koreans. Anybody who wanted to play went ahead and roamed the field, fielded some balls and stuff.

Anyway, I was pretty glad that I did fairly well at the plate. 1st AB: walk (runner scored on a wild pitch) 2nd AB: infield single (my first hit!!! hell yeah!!!) 3rd AB: struck out looking (yun lang...) I was having a hard time running the bases, I can't hustle much, still feeling the effects of my sickness. Good thing I met my new friend from the US, Eddie Boyd, a die-hard baseball fanatic who'll be here in Manila for one whole year. I was able to throw around and hit at the batting cages with him, prepped me up for the games. Whew! Thanks man!

Good, goood, gooooooood thing I didn't fell sick again after sweating it out. I guess the Lord really wants me to play baseball after all. =)


He's one heck of a cool guy. Teammates for this Series. See yah around Mo!
Buti na lang hindi Boston ang cap niya, or else... =P