Monday, August 13, 2007

Faith to Last a Lifetime - Part 3

Butch: Bro, puyat ka ba?

Mac: Ahhhh... Ehhhh... Hindi naman... Bakit? (Obvious na in denial...)

Butch: Nagpalit na ko ng karayom pero lakas mo magpantal agad...

Mac: Uh oh... Oo, kulang sa tulog kasi... kasi...

Oh well. 3rd session. Just two weeks difference from the last. OK na yun compared to the two months that I had to wait for my 2nd session.

I tried my best to sleep early. Around 1:30am. But I really can't. For the past days I've been sleeping at around 4:30am kakagawa ng website. So now you know why I was not in a good condition.

It was so painful. 1st and 2nd sessions combined, it was much more. But, I got no choice. I need to endure this pain if I want to have a good tattoo.

Not much to say. Ah nga pala, we had to do some photo sessions for his website before starting. And he's game about it. Hahaha.

Just check out the pics!

4 hours ka naka-ganyan, kayo mo? =P

Ouch... Yezzz... This session by far is the most painful...

Total of 10 hours and counting...

And of course... This post won't be complete without the BONUS PICS of the day!

Sana may talent din ako na ganito...

Butch Bautista - Emo Mode... Wahahaha! Peace bro!

I dunno how many more sessions pero I don't think I want to have my next session anytime soon.

Promise, matutulog na uli ako ng mahaba. =)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Setting the Index File

Mac: Dude, na-receive mo ba yung email from

Dindo: Yep. Finorward ko sa mga EBT...

Mac: Ah ok. Matutuwa si Webmaster nyan...

Dindo: Kilala mo? Sino ba yun?

Mac: Ako. =P

First day of August. First project. First time ever. A lot of firsts.

This day marked one momentous occasion in my so-called "techie" life...

My very first website project,, is finally online... Alive and kicking...

I won't go into details about the site. Just visit it, ok? =)

Whew. I wasn't able to sleep. Excited. Anxious. Nervous. Indeed, mixed emotions. I'm just so glad that Mr. Bautista was so happy about the outcome. Don't be so excited, bro. I have a lot more to do on your site. =P

Anyway, I just want to promote the site. Basta wag nyo lang ubusin ang bandwidth namin. Hahaha...

And don't forget to send us an email. Wala lang. Papansin.

Peace out.

Special thanks to Ms. Karen Sapla of Webranes Innovations.
Seeing me through this initial setup was oh so helpful.
I'm just glad I got your company's package.
Visit Email: