Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Alarm Clock at 3:30am

That's how early my mom wakes up. Well, that was before.

Imagine a schedule like this:

Wake up at 3:30am
Be at the service bus station by 4:30am
Office by 6:00am (Ahem, all the way at Canlubang in Laguna)
Work 'til 6:00pm
Be home by 9:30pm
Attend to your family
Sleep by 11:00pm
And do it all over...

My mom did it for years. She retired back in 2004 after 30 years with the company.

I just can't think of any other love and sacrifice one can do for her family, to be able to get us through with our education, our daily expenses, our family, even up to our relatives...

Saludo ako sa'yo Inay.

These thoughts... these are the ones that I always play in my mind whenever I wanna give up in life. My mom, and my dad too, did it all for us so that we can live a normal and happy life. I just can't let her down. Hindi n'ya kami pinabayaan kahit na konting oras lang kami magkasama sa araw-araw.

I always say to myself: "I hope my future wife will be just like my mom"


Tama na nga ang drama...

And for your special day, I pray to God that He'll bless you with good health, more patience (sa amin... hehehe...), stronger faith and happiness as you and Dad grow old and I'll make sure you both will enjoy your lives even after we have our own families...


She just loves sunflowers... a lot... =P


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tita!

(Yeesss.. close!)

Saludo talaga ako sa mga nanay. It's scary to think that we (women like moi) have to fill in those shoes. But I guess it's innate.

(Again) Tataba kaya ako pag nabuntis ako? =P

Denmark said...

maghanap ka muna ng prospect mo para maging bf at eventually maging asawa bago mo isipin yan pagtaba noh!

thanks for greeting my mom. i'll let her read this. =P

Anonymous said...

Naisip ko lang naman noh. Kung saka-sakali.

Hi Mac's Mom!!!!!!

- Loren