Friday, April 27, 2007

Mommyo... Mima... 'en na...

Mommyo is for Lola. Poppyo is for Lolo. Mima is for Tito Mac. Nino is for Ninong Dodie. Ot is for Lola Alud. Nene is for the younger sister. And the usual Mommy and Daddy of course.

This is how my dear nephew, Simon Peter calls us. It's his 3rd birthday today! I remember when he first came out to this world. I felt so awkward. First time to have a small voice that cries so hard a lot of times in a day. I got used to it though.

We call him with different names: Sai, Simon, Totoy, Toto and even Petutoy.

Neighbors, relatives and other people call him differently: Kulot.

Yeah... If not for his naughty antics and hyperactivity not to mention the desperate measures of my Mom to cut his hair often which I detest so much (Don't cut it! Don't!!!), you would mistake that boy for a girl. When we were not cutting his hair yet, he'd get that gesture from other people. My sis-in-law one time had to, you know, "show his thingy" to this woman who just won't believe her. Funny moment.

Sabi ko nga lugi ako when it comes to giving him and his younger sister things, gifts and supplies. Simon being the 1st nephew, the 1st grandchild of my parents or better known as the usual spoiled brat and his sister, Camilla, being the 1st girl in our family and my goddaughter too. Hahaha!

Some pics of Simon from before and to the most recent...
Simon at our Quezon House - Chillin' out..
Simon - 1 year and 1 month
Simon - Doesn't what his Mima was doin'
Simon, give me that matchstick...
Simon's 3rd Birthday Cake courtesy of Mommyo

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