Sunday, April 15, 2007

Joy in my Palm

"This is not happening... Oh no... Me? Dancing to this music... Wake up man, wake up!"

It played through my mind for a couple of times last night. Yes, I was at this "hot" place called Prince of Jaipur or simply called Jaipur. And what the hell was I thinking and doing there you ask? Well, if not for the 2 self-proclaimed (joke!!!) hot girls that strangled me to go there, my shadow won't even go near that place. Of course again, I'm just kidding.

Call time was at 9pm. So, since I have new shoes that I bought just for this thing to push through, I couldn't walk that fast going out of our village. In short, I was 15 minutes late. Wooooshoooo. Palusot. Oh yeah, I was with Loren and Mariel. Trainers-turned-friends. We had dinner at Pier 1, Loren ordering the walang-kamatayang sinigang na baboy and me going for chicken sisig.

For that night, I was dubbed as "Billy". Why? Well some of Mariel's friends errr crew signed us up as guests so we could get in for free. The name listed there was Billy, so in short I had no choice. But wait! There's more! We were about to enter the place when they saw some of their Master Trainers in 24/7. Hmmm... Guess what? Yes we we're able to get in for free but t got even better... VIP baby! We were stamped with "Joy" in our palms literally. It's the sign that we are VIPs. Hahaha!

Last time I danced in a party was way back in High School. Quite a long time. I think (I think lang ha, I think!) that I still have a little groove left in me. Besides, what's the use of being in a dance group back then? Oo, sumasayaw ako dati. As in hip-hop. The place was nice. A little crowded and crazy over all. Different people, different culture and nationality, people you see from the office and different personalities too. Main attraction were the "nasty" girls dancing on stage and Mariel's old crew doing some B-Boy stuff. Well, I wasn't paying much attention to them, these 2 hot girl friends of mine were more than enough.

Mariel kept on asking me if I was ok and if I'm enjoying the scene. Yeah, not bad. Though not my normal thing for a gimmick, I did enjoy it. What I can't stand is the high-priced beer. 100 bucks for a bottle. Whew.

By 3am, I was really ready to call it a night. I was thinking about the 2 of them, maybe they're still enjoying it, so I decided not to tell them. But thank good heavens, they were the ones who initiated that we should go.
Mariel went on to take a cab with her "housemate" while Loren and I grabbed some quick McDo snack before finally heading home. Yeah, the thought did play on my mind for a couple of times but, the heck, I had a good time.
Thanks Slinky. Thanks Yellie. Let's go back in around 6 months from now maybe? =P


Anonymous said...

bagay kayo.


Anonymous said...

Oo nga. kayo ni Mariel.

>=) Hihihihi... ang hot naman nang girls na kasama mo! Lalo na yung naka-red. Yun naman!!!!

Denmark said...

Oh sige pa, gawin nyo pa kong volleyball. Kayo talaga. Oo bagay tayo, bagay kayo na followers ko. Hehehe. Peace...

Korek ka dyan, hot nga mga kasama ko. Ika nga: "Wala na akong no choice" =P