Monday, April 9, 2007

Bagets Get-Together

First day in Dell QC...

The day started out when I called up Alvin around 6:30am and was about to ask him where he is so we could meet up first then enter the new site together...

"Riiiing.... Riiiing...." I was expecting a "Hello" from him when he picks up the call, but then...

Alvin: Huh?!??! Anong oras na??? Kakagising ko lang eh...

Mac: Bugok! 6:30 na! Anak ng... Bilisan mo magtaxi ka na!!!

Wow. So much for our first day Mr. Perez. So I went on and just entered the 1800 Building on my own. To my surprise, the Security Personnel at the elevator recognized me. Naks naman. So it was like so seamless. Transition to a new building was so smooth. I was expecting that our badge was not yet working for the doors, but I was wrong. =P

A lot of familiar faces waiting for the assembly at the Urban Chef Cafeteria. Disclaimer: The cafeteria looks great in appearance but I tell you Dell Pasay people, you'll miss Chef Albert. Site Director Mr. Susheel welcomed us with his usual comedy stuff. Cool guy. PD Rene Morta gave an inspirational speech. They say he's one of the coolest people in QC. Our former AM, and hopefully again, Sir Leo recognized us.

So, the day went by with our crash-course to Dell Portables. I flunked 1/3 Tims. Hehehe. It's ok. Bawi na lang. But the highlight of the day was seeing our batchmates from DHT Luzon Class Batch 5!!! Yeah, we were like crazy. I guess we just missed each other. So we went on and met after shift at the pantry then headed to Dencio's Eastwood (where else? duh...) for some beer and catching-up chit chat.

Check out the pics... Inuman sponsored by Zen, Gian and Cis...

Wow. Dell Laptop with me wearing my Dell Shirt at Dencio's.

Naman oh. Extra pa si Cis. Hmpt!

Hala sige Gian. Kuha lang ng kuha.

May extrang taga-PBB House.

Nice. Hope to have more of this.


Anonymous said...

So in other words, late si Alvin sa first day niyo jan sa Libis?? Tsk tsk tsk...

Kaya ka siguro nakilala nung Security Personnel eh kasi kaduda-duda ka. So markado ka na. =P

Oh my gad, gano naman kasagwa ng pagkain jan at inasam mo bigla ang Chef Albert??

At kamusta naman ang TIMS mo?! Jusko, parang di ka nagti-TIMS dati ah!

Reunion is this?! Wala.. walang kwenta yang reunion na yan. Wala ako eh. :(

Namiss ko tuloy si Gian na kuha lang ng kuha ng pics. Kung sabagay, camera-shy ako... ;)


Denmark said...

Oo, late siya. Diosmio, para akong baby-sitter kay Alvin.

Medyo first impression lang yung dito sa Urban Chef. Meron din naman masarap kahit papano. The best yung Large Cup na Juice, mura kasi.

I'm using my "resources" now sa TIMS. Hehehe.