Sunday, April 8, 2007

Newton's Third Law

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

You may find this title misleading. If you don't dedicate time in reading this, you might not figure out what I'm really trying to say.
Today was my last day in Dell Pasay. Tomorrow will be my first day in Dell QC. I can't think of a better title that would somehow describe what I felt a few hours ago.

See this picture below?

Team Aseron - December 2, 2006

This is my team. Or maybe I should say "was" my team. A bunch of riot act. Product of DHT Batch 5, from 3 different classes binded as one. Photo taken after Dell's 2006 Xmas Party. This is the only picture that we're complete.

It was hard for me. I thought of it for days. To transfer or not to? If I don't transfer, I'll be with the happiest, loudest, fun-loving and "high-achievers" group. But, the expense of commuting and the rough time travelling to work? Can you still dig it? If I transfer, I'll start all over and meet new people. Adjustment may not be a big deal, but still is a factor. But, the time to travel and the chance to save up some money for my family? I think that's what kicked in.

Yes, I almost cried. Bidding goodbye to Jason the Pabling, Tina the Impostor (pretends to be a girl), Aira the Head Turner (no choice eh), Aris aka Brando, Mr. Mayor Jay, Don Banie, the Razon Bros - Miles, Joven and Marc, Joy aka Grumpy, T-Rex as in TuRon, Mang Tim and of course the Head Architect Boss Arn. It's not easy man. I gave them my final thoughts before leaving. I had no other thing to say but many many many thanks. In my total of 3 years in this kind of industry, they have been the BEST TEAM that I worked with.

Tomorrow, I face a new chapter in my Dell career. This is the reaction to the action. I just hope that I may not find people like the ones in Team Aseron but just to have a good working environment would be good enough for me, at least for the time-being.

I'll surely miss you guys. You are not just officemates, batchmates nor teammates but you are one heck of wonderful friends.

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