Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wanted : Bedspacer

Meet my bedspacers...

Kiko - my seven year old Yamaha bass guitar. (His sidekick, Zoom, a bass guitar effects not in picture)
SX - my three year old acoustic guitar. (Darn it, I forgot to give him a name when I bought him back then)

I'm always like that, giving names to whatever I buy. I used to have Tommy, a pet arowana. Not only when I buy things, I stand corrected. My nephew and niece got their names from me as well. I simply look at the calendar and check names of saints with feast days on the certain day.

They're the ones lying in my bed. I sleep on the floor. No, really! =)

Just like the old days... BONUS PICS!!!

"Time to think about diet"

"Tayo na sa Dampa"

"Frustrated Rockstar"

All pics taken by my Nikon D40 camera, Lex. See? I just can't stop it. =P

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Slinky said...

Totally cool pics man.. Totally.