Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Insert Card with Chip

Mac: Miss, baka naman pwedeng swipe na lang?

Cashier: Sorry sir, kasi 1st day po talaga namin na ganito ang sabi eh...

Mac: Ang tagal kasi eh...

Cashier: Ah hello, yes mam, paano nga po ba 'pag ganito? Ah ok po sige.

Oh well. It got in for sure, but after some gruelling minutes. Talking about this new process that if your credit card has a chip on it, it's gonna be INSERT and not SWIPE anymore.

Hmmmm. I busted my ass for 6 months trying to be a bibo kid at the office. I did pretty good I guess. So, I decided to treat myself for some love and affection. After all, I'm done treating my whole family for dinner and already have some bucks saved up so... my turn.

First up was SM Makati. Got some Everlast apparel. It's on sale so, why not? :) Got new boxing shorts (yes, I will go back to gym, promise!) and a shirt. 900 bucks for both. Not bad noh? It could have cost me 50% more. Thank you for putting them on sale.

Next, Red Lane Glorietta. Or almost. The shop is called Vurve. First time to buy a 3/4 polo shirt, printed with purple and the like colors. I'm sure my AM's gonna have something to say again whenever she sees me kinda looking semi-formal. =P Sale price of 650 bucks. But original price of 725 bucks for credit card. So go figure.

Let's walk some more and head to Landmark. I always wanted new walking shorts but their kinda pricy so I went on and search for the cheapest. Bobson shorts. I'm not brand-conscious. Sale price of 500 bucks. Sale AGAIN!

Last one, coz I'm getting tired of walking. I need another shirt. Hmmm. One brand that I don't have yet. Let's try Mossimo. Whow, sale again? Yes but not on the one I picked. Hehehe. Black shirt with a simple print for 690 bucks.

Whew. So there, please don't add up and tell me aftewards how much I spent today. =P

And yes, all of 'em were charged to my card.

Aaaaah, a week ago I bought a shirt too. Manny Pacquiao Nike Shirt. But I paid cash for it.

Sorry, no pics for this post eh.

Oh lastly! Please don't tell my mom about my ICP bonus. Sssssshhhhh..... Hahahaha!

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